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This blog provides;

1. Daily Results from Philippine Charity Swepstakes Office (PCSO). We post the game results for the benefit of the players who did not see the live draw. We have taken care from the PCSO official results but no warranty as accuracy of any of the presented information is implied. Kindly double checked the official website of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) of the winning numbers at http://www.pcso.gov.ph/ .
2. Daily Guide and Tips from Newspapers and etc... We also share our own Pasakay, Bonus, Special Numbers, llamado, probables everyday.
3. swertres Hearing from my source but im not sure when will came out/will came out.
4. Angle Guide for swertres, from our own. We also accept other Angle Guide by mailing us HERE.
5. Love and Joke Quotes from our sharer. 
6. Free SMS from other sites, unlimited free sms text from abroad or here in the philippines. Who would waste such money in texting if there’s an available free offer?

Most of all pinoyluckynumbers.blogspot.com strongly share Guides, Tips, Hearing, Angle Guide and (PCSO) Results. We trying our best to analyze numbers, share hearing, (PCSO) results and etc.... I don't believe on sure numbers, PCSO only knows what will came out. 

Post your own Swertres Hearing, Guide and Tips by commenting. pinoyluckynumbers.blogspot.com hoping that we can help. And you can also share your Love quotes, Pinoy Jokes, Text Quotes and more by mailing us HERE or txt your quotes to 09279209156.

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How To Use This Site; 

Daily Guidefor swertres only. pinoyluckynumbers.blogspot.com using color coding and also giving pasakay, bonus, special number and hearing everyday.
  • Red Color - mean Hot Numbers (mainit kung numero)
  • Purple Color - mean its a Normal Numbers (normal lang po na numero)
  • Pasakay - one, two or all be drawn on swertres (may lalabas na isa, dalawa or lahat sa lahat ng draw sa swertres)
  • Bonus - one, two or all be drawn on swertres (may lalabas na isa, dalawa or lahat sa lahat ng draw sa swertres)
  • Probables - combine pasakay and bonus (kombinasyon ng pasakay at bonus)
  • Llamado - cold numbers
  • Special NumbersNice numbers for to day (Magandang Numero)
  • Hearing - maintain numbers 

Angle Guide - pinoyluckynumbers.blogspot.com share every month for swertres. We have 3 Angle Guide Patterns for 11am,4pm and 9pm. More info. about the Angle Guide visit here the link ANGLE GUIDE

Weekly Guide -

Tips In Our Guide;

Pasakay & Bonus - for swertres only. Just combine this two, sometimes the result pick on the both guide. (pagsamahin nyo nalang ang pasakay at bonus kasi minsan kukuha ng isa dalawa sa pasakay at bonus.)
Hearing - for swertres only. Just maintain it but we are not 100% sure will come out/when will came out. (maintain lang po at hindi po kami sigurado kung lalabas o kailan lalabas)

Reminders: We are not 100% sure to our Guide, Tips and Hearing will come out, so please use your judgment and do not bet if you think it will not come out.

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The website cannot guarantee that you will win with our Swertres Hearing and Guide. To be able to minimize your losses in betting suertres numbers, just bet only numbers with at least one in the Daily Suertres Guide/Hearing.

And also some jokes may be contain an offensive content or for adults only. Readers' discretion is advised.